P+ Action Plan Approved. Processing Begins!

19. November 2019

Prague City Council approved the P+ Action Plan for 2019–2023 under the Polaď Prahu (Tune Up Prague) project. The plan is a document that is crucial for commencing the implementation of transport projects in the city.

Creation of Alternative Propulsion Study

16. July 2019

Analysis of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Its Suburbs showed that Prague desperately needs an alternative propulsion strategy. Not everywhere in the city is the air clean, and further development of electromobility is truly just around the corner.

Publication of Documents Pertaining to P+

30. May 2019

The Prague Municipal Council has approved the Prague Mobility Plan. We can, therefore, now disclose to the public the documents pertaining closely to the P+ project. Naturally, this includes the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Its Suburbs.

Prague Approves Mobility Plan!

24. May 2019

Representatives of the City of Prague today approved the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Surroundings – a document setting out 242 specific measures as a long-term solution to facilitate easier linking of the commuter belt and the capital city, ease traffic in general or develop electromobility.

We have obtained an SEA position

10. April 2019

The last step before the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Surroundings with an Outlook to 2030 can be presented to Prague's elected representatives for final approval is an assessment of its impact on the environment and public health.


We Took Part in a Mobility Plan Workshop

15. March 2019

A representative of the P+ working group had the opportunity to take part in a unique workshop in Cologne, Germany, on new possibilities and directions in the creation of mobility plans in Europe.

Scheinherr: P+ Is the Most Important Document

27. February 2019

After last year’s local elections, Adam Scheinherr replaced Petr Dolínek as Deputy Prague Mayor for Transport. His work priorities and the direction he believes Prague transport is heading are discussed in this interview.

European Mobility Plan Competition

28. January 2019

Since 2012, the European Commission has been regularly holding a competition for sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP Award). In this way it helps support the creation of sustainable mobility plans and addressing of transport problems across European cities.


SEA discussed at Prague's CAMP

19. December 2018

Dozens of people attended the public discussion of a study on the environmental impact of the Mobility Plan concept.

We are pleased to invite you to the public debate on SEA

29. November 2018

Public debate on environmental impact assessment is one of the last matters remaining before submitting the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its environments with an outlook by 2030 for final approval by municipal representatives. This debate shall be held on 12 December 2018 from 3.00 p.m. at the CAMP.

We are experiencing a boom in mobility plans

7. November 2018

Information has been coming out ever more frequently in the media recently about newly created strategic plans for sustainable urban mobility. Most recently in September, Prague representatives discussed the concept for the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Surroundings. 


Polaď Prahu Attracts Hundreds of Visitors

24. September 2018

If you have been thinking about buying a bike to get around the city or would like to choose a different way of travelling around Prague than by car, then Car Free Day, an event that took place as part of European Mobility Week, was the place to be. 

Don´t miss us on Car Free Day 2018

20. September 2018

The European Mobility Week is about to culminate, so don´t hesitate and visit Křižíkova street in Karlín this Saturday. The Car Free Day begins at 10 AM and since its topic is Mix and Move, participants are going to show visitors how to move within a city without the cars.

Draft of P+ Proposal Approved

6. September 2018

In our last update, we informed you that we still had to fine-tune the assessment of impact of the concept on the environment and public health (SEA) and that we had slightly amended the timetable. We come up with the solution to include the draft P+ Proposal in the September session of the Prague City Assembly.  

Change in Timetable Required Due to SEA

17. August 2018

Although we submitted the P+ Proposal document for an assessment of the environmental impact of the concept in time, we were unable to complete everything according to the timetable as the P+ Proposal is the first mobility plan that exceeds the boundaries of a single region.

How we did the mobility plan exhibition

14. July 2018

The Mobility Plan Exhibition is over and it is the time to recap, thank and also to keep the promise given to you. That is why we have prepared the documentthat includes not only the summary information about the P+ exhibition, but also answers to your questions. 

Presentation of Specific P+ Proposal Measures

11. June 2018

The Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and Its Suburbs exhibition is slowly drawing to a close, so do not put off visiting any longer and come to the last series of lectures scheduled for 12 June, 6 p.m.  We will present specific proposals in the form of a PechaKucha night. Tune up Prague with us!

Introduction of Prague’s Mobility Plan to the Public

1. June 2018

After almost three years, when the work on the P+ project has reached its final stage, the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs will be presented to the public at an exhibition in Prague’s Centre of Architecture and Metropolitan Planning. 

Exhibition to Show Transport Direction

11. May 2018

The exhibition showcasing the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its environs will offer visitors a look into the future of transport in the metropolitan area. The conceptual document will thus become tangible.

What Indexes Tell Us About Traffic Congestion

9. April 2018

Traffic jams are an unwelcome event. If we look at big cities, the situation in the Czech Republic is not so bad based on the latest comparisons. On the other hand there is always room for improvement. That is also one of the reasons why we are preparing the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its environs. 


Managing Council Discussed Comments

19. March 2018

More than 100 comments to the draft of SMP and its environs was discussed by the project’s Managing Council. The comments came from TSK, ROPID, the Central Bohemian Region, the Strategic Investment Department of Prague City Hall, the company Operátor ICT and the Environmental Protection Dept.

Vienna Successfully Banks on Public Transport

27. February 2018

In 2012, Vienna reduced the price of public transport passes. Although it did have to investment million of EUR extra, the decision has been bearing fruit for five years: the share of cars in the Austrian capital has been falling and the share of pedestrians and public transport has been rising.  

Mobility Plan Inspired by Metropolitan Plan

31. January 2018

The Metropolitan Plan is the new zoning plan for Prague for the next decade and should replace the previous one from 1999. A Mobility Plan is also being prepared alongside it. What is the relationship between these two documents?

How to make Brno more mobile

19. December 2017

New EU directives impose the obligation on larger cities of Member States to draw up a mobility plan with an outlook to 2050. Brno, however, began working on such a plan already in 2014, before this obligation even arose. It is therefore ahead, and we can learn all sorts of things from it.

How is the tune-up of the other cities going?

27. November 2017

Over the summer holiday on our website, we informed you of the current phase of the sustainable mobility plans outside of Prague, as well as about the issues related to the traffic “tune-up” there. In this news, we have decided to follow this issue and make the situation in some other places more clear.

Operátor ICT

Operátor ICT is a new partner of the P+ project

13. November 2017

The modern information and check-in system, recharging points for electric vehicles, giving preference to ecological vehicle drivers and shared electric mobility - these are the topics on which Operátor ICT, a. s. (OICT) will focus in the Tune Up Prague project. 

Experts to set criteria for mobility project evaluation

4. October 2017

Yet another expert workshop on the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its surroundings was held on Tuesday, October 3. This time, it was dealing with evaluation criteria to be set for the evaluation of specific projects, proposals and measures for the capital city of Prague in order to achieve sustainable mobility. 

Hundreds of people at Tune Up Prague stand

22. September 2017

On Friday, crowds of people came to celebrate the World Car Free Day, which was the pinnacle of the European Mobility Week. The Tune Up Prague project could not miss out on this event. 

Prague approved an important document

19. September 2017

The Council of the City of Prague approved the Transport Policy document, which was created in the Tune Up Prague project, and it brings the concept of the further transport development of the metropolis and the entire metropolitan area for the next several years. 

Pěší zona

The 2017 Car Free Day is approaching!

6. September 2017

For the fans of the Tune Up Prague project, we have prepared an electric car for this year's Car Free Day. The whole event is the culmination of the European Mobility Week, and this year's Car Free Day will be held in the spirit of clean, shared and smart mobility. And the Tune Up Prague can, of course, not miss out on this.  

Sustainable mobility plans outside Prague

18. August 2017

In recent days, the media has often reported about the pitfalls faced by individual town halls across the Czech Republic in addressing their sustainable mobility plans.  Plan have already been approved in Pilsen. The Přerov Town Hall has published the proposal for now. 

The mobility plan creator in Munich for inspiration

26. July 2017

The “Tune Up the Prague” project working group visited the German city of Munich. It is similar to Prague in size and also in importance as it is the capital city of Bavaria, with strong regional interconnections and impressive tourism. 

Survey: Car or public transport?

15. June 2017

Very balanced results between public and individual transport were seen in a representative survey of the agency Median that was prepared for the Tune Up Prague project, within which the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its surroundings is being created. 

The public and experts agree on the future

7. June 2017

Out of all the proposed solutions for the future of urban mobility, the "Prague Effective" scenario has won. The preponderance of supporters for this scenario was found among both the transport experts and the general public. There is consensus even in the opinion what the winning scenario will be supplemented with.

Hranice Prahy graf

Rising number of Central Bohemia commuters

15. May 2017

Although the increase in commuting is not as pronounced as it was at the turn of the millennium, the P+ analysis shows that it is steadily rising.  More than 600 thousand passengers pass over the border of the Capital City of Prague on a working day.  This figure includes travel in both directions.

B sal NTK

The Prague locals asked experts about the future of transport

12. April 2017

Does Prague need the city ring? What needs to be done to allow people to ride bikes in the city? The transportation experts discussed these and many other issues with the inhabitants of the capital on Monday afternoon at the National Technical Library. 

Panel pozvanka

The leading experts will discuss the common vision for urban mobility

3. April 2017

Experts, specialists in urban transport, but also the general public from Prague and Central Bohemia will be discussing the future of urban mobility on Monday, April 10.  In the panel discussion, they will primarily raise issues which are crucial for transportation in and around Prague in the medium and long term.  

Ask Councillor Dolínek anything about Prague's mobility project

27. March 2017

Within the project, you can now ask the Deputy Mayor of Prague and Transport Councillor Petr Dolínek questions through the website and the mobile application from Wednesday, March 29. The project is thus launching the first of its monthly online interviews. 

Wrk shp polad

Experts have chosen an effective mobility scenario for Prague

9. March 2017

On Thursday, March 9, another meeting of experts was held in Prague for the purpose of discussing the Prague mobility vision as well as of its surrounding areas. This was the second of the practical workshops under the “Tune up Prague” project. 

TK 21 2 2017 MHMP

Our project is entering the next phase

22. February 2017

The Tune Up Prague working group, which includes experts in various fields related to transport, has announced two key documents at yesterday's press conference: The problem maps and the Analysis document. 

Riding a bicycle in Prague? Combine the possibilities!

13. February 2017

Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin ... It is difficult for local residents living in these capitals to imagine travelling without a bike. For many of them, the bike has become the first-choice for a means of transport. Why does Prague still just look only for a ways between the cities that are extremely bicycle-friendly? 

NL5 - Foto - Martin Jareš

We want to facilitate transportation for people from the Central Bohemian Region

13. January 2017

The sustainable mobility plan of the Prague agglomeration does not only concern Prague. In its conception, it is also necessary to take into account its relation to the mobility of the Central Bohemian Region. We asked Martin Jareš, Deputy of Central Bohemia Regional Office, for an interview. 

Info PP

Facts you might not know about Prague

29. December 2016

Prague. A busy, permanently pulsating city of global importance that never sleeps. The historical centre has a mix of old and new buildings and the entire capital city is served by an overloaded traffic system. There is no chance to find any nature here. Or is there? 

Pp 14 11 16

Public transport in Prague is at a high level

14. November 2016

The Prague Public Transport Company is another key partner of the Tune Up Prague project. It is also the biggest transport company providing public transport in the Czech Republic. It operates a total of 138 bus lines, 24 daytime and 9 night-time tram lines and 3 subway lines. Through it people can also travel to Central Bohemian Region on several suburban lines. It also owns the railway infrastructure of the metro and trams, which results in many commitments and activities associated with construction, reconstruction and maintenance. With the representative of the transport company Michal Andelek, we talked about the news on the preparation of the mobility plan or working group.


We celebrated the international Car Free Day

19. October 2016

Národní třída was closed off to cars for one whole  day in the last week of September and people from Prague thus can the unique opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll downtown without card. The International Car Free Day was celebrated by creating a new pedestrian zone in Prague for 24 hours.  We, of course, could not miss out from such an event as the creators of the Mobility Plan for Prague and the area. We had the stand of the Tune Up Prague project a short walk from the waterfront  just before the entrance to the New Scene of the National Theatre. 

Národní třída will experience a Car Free Day

19. September 2016

Do not miss the Car Free Day event on Thursday, September 22 on Národní třída. We, of course, can't be missing there and we have a "Tune Up Prague" stand ready for you, which can be found right in front of the National Theatre. You can visit us from eight to eight, and an interesting and entertaining program will accompany you throughout the day. At the stand, you can have a talk with our transport expert who has prepared the problem maps for visitors, in which there is information from citizens and experts on what troubles them about the transport in Prague. In addition, you can compete in a guessing quiz or demonstrate your knowledge of the metro by putting the stations together on a blind map. We have not forgotten about the small ones either. Children can express their view on how they imagine transport in Prague using chalk. A special quiz is prepared for transport enthusiasts. The best ones will receive the unique board game Traffic Jam, but nobody will leave empty-handed in the end. Apart from sweets for all, every curious visitor will take home new knowledge from the field of transport at the very least.

NL3 - Foto - Václav Novotný

The external coordinator will bring many positives

31. August 2016

One of the organizations involved in the creation of Prague Agglomeration Mobility Plan is the Institute of Planning and Development in Prague (IPR). This organization is a conceptual urban workplace, which is engaged in urbanism, architecture, transportation, urban development and processing of urban data, information and maps. The IPR originated from the former Development Department of the Capital City of Prague in 2013 and has a relatively long tradition. We therefore now bring you an interview with an expert from IPR, Václav Novotný. "The public and experts often have a narrow view of their problem alone and do not want to hear the arguments or problems of others," he says in an interview, among other things.


The transport area that you want to change

11. August 2016

The collection of comments is finally over and the Tune Up Prague project thus moves into the next phase. Now comes the evaluation of suggestions. Altogether you have sent 2866 of them, and transport experts are now reading and analysing them. First, they will first sort them into larger thematic areas and then use them for the analytical document. The suggestions that highlight the operational and quickly solvable problems will be handed over directly to the responsible institutions. 

Jiří Zeman

The Technical Road Administration is a key partner in the project

19. July 2016

Without the continuous maintenance of roads and their accessories, which include traffic signs, traffic signals, sidewalks, bridges and many other structures, there would certainly be a traffic collapse sooner or later, followed by the complete paralysis of the life of the entire the city. The Technical Road Administration is here in order to prevent something like this from happening. Its active participation in the "Tune Up Prague" project was counted on from the beginning. The TRA is one of the main pillars of the work team, and we will therefore bring you an interview with Jiří Zeman, head of the department of transport modelling from the TRA.

We received a total of 2,866 comments

8. July 2016

We ended the collection of your suggestions just a few days ago, and we already have the first numbers here. It is apparent that you are interested in the traffic situation in your area and are not afraid to say what you would like to change. You've sent us your views in great number. Altogether we gathered exactly 2866 of them, for which we thank you very much.

You ask why the application worked for such a short period and why we had to shut it down right now? The reason is that the mobility plan has its own schedule, and we had to conclude the collection of suggestion in a timely fashion so that we can start to evaluate them and then continue to work with them. The next phases of the project are ahead of us, in which your comments will be reflected. You can look at this schedule in the "How the tuning up of Prague takes place" section.

If we let the application for entering comments run for too long or we did not meet the planned deadline, the evaluation of your comments would occur that much later, and the entire schedule of the mobility plan would thereby be jeopardized. The process of creating the mobility plan will take several years in itself, and if it was further prolonged, there would be a risk that it would become obsolete before it was completed.

Attention! The collection of comments is approaching the end

30. June 2016

You can send your comments to the Tune Up Prague project by the end of this week. On Sunday, July 3 the collection of your suggestions will finally be concluded and their sorting and analysis will begin on Monday. The experts will read and take note of your every suggestion one at a time, and none will be wasted. Everyone's wondering what transport changes you wish for. This valuable information will be used by the transportation experts in further discussions and in creating specific scenarios and measures. The fact that it will no longer be possible to send comments does not mean that you will be unable to comment on the project in the future. You will be able to communicate your opinion several more times in the next phases of the project. You will be able to do this through panel discussions with experts or by expressing your opinion on specific proposals of measures. We will of course continue to inform you about everything in advance, not only here on the Tune Up Prague website, but now also via newsletters. If you wish to receive the newsletters, just click on the I Want to Tune Up Prague tab and subscribe.

The missing Prague Ring is seen by the experts as one of the most pressing topics

23. June 2016

The workshop in the form of round tables pointed to specific problems in the transport sector, which Prague will have to resolve in the future. The experts were in session on Wednesday, June 22, to discuss the most pressing topics of transportation in Prague and Central Bohemia. The debates at the round tables eventually concluded that it is necessary to finish the missing Prague Ring and a superior network of roads that would ensure a swift and smooth transport around Prague and also across the metropolises.  Furthermore, the debates concluded that the capacity rail transport linking Central Bohemia and Prague must be improved. The experts are also occupied with the issues of P + R parking lots, of which there are few and they are not always appropriately positioned or, for example, the permeability of cities for people. An expert meeting was held for the organizers of the project to get feedback on the analysis of mobility from partners, i.e. representatives of districts, municipalities in the Central Bohemian Region, professional institutions and interest groups. "At the workshop we learned suggestions on hitherto neglected issues and opportunities. With our partners we have also gotten deeper under the skin of the most significant problems. That is why we chose the round tables, where guests of the workshop jointly determined and evaluated issues and opportunities and subsequently created mind maps on selected topics, " is how the project manager Daniel Šesták from the company Mott MacDonald described the atmosphere of the meeting.  In addition to new incentives for the working group, the sharing of different opinions and discussions around them was also a benefit of the workshop. The workshop was attended by 60 guests, including specialists from Prague city districts, the Czech Technical University in Prague, Auto*Mat, Prague City Tourism, the Association of Car Park Operators in Prague and others. If you believe that completely different transportation problems are more pressing or think that the aforementioned proposals do not reflect your opinion and you see it differently than the experts, then contact us in the "I Want to tune up Prague!" section, and we will be very glad to take note of your comment in the creation of specific traffic scenarios.  And hurry - you only have the possibility to do so until Sunday, July 3, when the collection of civic suggestions will be closed.

Everyone’s opinion is relevant

14. June 2016

A constantly increasing number of suggestions is proof that you care about the transit situation in Prague. We are delighted to receive all your suggestions and comments – and there’s been heaps of them so far! (check this) Keep them coming. We want to know all of your concerns and based on these, the particular transit scenarios will be prepared. We know that everyone has an opinion and all the different views on the transit possibilities are welcome.
Some of you prefer mass transit, where you don’t have to focus on driving a car and can therefore travel with just your thoughts. On the other hand, car drivers don’t want to give up the comfort of their metal darling at any price, while cyclists ask for increased safety on the roads, and pedestrians want lower pollution on the streets.
Deciding on the transit system (check this is ok) won’t be an easy task and naturally we have to combine the needs of all the participants. Discussions about the future of transit will last for a long time and besides the public the top experts in their fields will also participate.
We will be sure to keep you informed about the results of this ongoing debate. Our webpage (‘Tune Up the Prague’) are exactly for this purpose, but if you feel that you might miss something, we will be glad to send you our regular newsletter. You only have to ask for it in the appropriate section on our webpage and give us your e-mail address so we can send you the newsletter.

We don’t harmonize Prague alone, we have experts

7. June 2016

Your suggestions will be handled well and rest assured we don’t decide on them alone, instead we work together with the top experts from the traffic sector. Transportation is such a complex topic that we could not forget to ask the experts as well. And not only them. If we simplify it even more, then everyone is working with us on this topic - quite simply, anyone who has something to say on the topic of transportation. Every opinion is important and every different view is important to us. Therefore, it’s not just the traffic experts, professionals from the city organizations, and municipal sectors that are able to offer their opinion on the future of mobility in Prague and the Středočeský region, but also the representatives of civil initiatives and non-profit organizations. Check it out yourself, and discover who harmonizes Prague with us.

Cooperating institutions

The Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague City Tourism, the Railway Infrastructure Administration, the Road and Motorway Directorate, the Czech Aeroholding, the State Enterprise of Povodí Vltavy, the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Transportation of the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic police force, the Chamber of Commerce of Prague, ČESMAD BOHEMIA, Czech Railways, the Czech Parking Association, the Association for Transport Telematics of the Czech Republic, the Czech Association Cities for cyclists, the Central auto-moto-club of the Czech Republic, the Auto Club of the Czech Republic, the Car Park Operators Association of Prague, the Citizens‘ Association for Free and Safe Individual Transportation, the Passengers‘ Union in Public Transportation, the Prague organization of wheelchair users, the Auto*Mat, Prague mothers, the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, and many others.

851 submissions in the first week, but please send us more

25. May 2016

During the first week, when we launched the Harmonize Prague project, we received the first 851 submissions of what you would like to harmonize in the capital city and in its suburbs. We thank you very much for all the submissions and encourage you to send more, so we can collect them all and prepare documents according to them for a discussion with professionals. All the opinions we receive are an important basic material for the further steps in the creation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs.

The actual result tells us that you want to focus on mass transit in harmonization, as we received 370 submissions for it, while in second place was 240 submissions for roads for pedestrians. Up to now, the majority of citizens taking part have been citizens of Prague, with submissions related to the capital city. Submissions from the Středočeský region were just 10%.

You can write to us until the beginning of the summer holidays. Don’t keep what you want to change about the city to yourself.

No submission will be discarded!

16. May 2016

We have already seen the first questions, which were related to the sending of submissions and the creation time of the Sustainable Mobility Plan. We are responding quickly with this news. No submission, which will be sent to us through the application process, will be discarded. We expect thousands of submissions and we are ready for them. Our employees will collect them, classify and prepare materials according to them, which will be discussed in the next phases of the project. Suggestions and submissions are partly classified even through the application, while the other part will be done manually. Please try to understand that we won’t be able to respond to you individually as that would be impossible due to the volume we receive from the citizens of Prague and the Středočeský region. But we will collect all the submissions for the next phases, and your submission will serve for discussions and meetings with professionals and for their work. Besides the public, representatives of municipal entities, important transportation companies, city organizations from the Středočeský region, towns around Prague, as well as citizens’ associations will also participate.


What should be harmonized? Tell us!

13. May 2016

An application for submissions – praises and suggestions - was launched on our website for the public. The application will run until the beginning of the summer holidays, then all the submissions will be evaluated and classified to be used in the next phases of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs. Use of the application is easy, you have to add only your name and ZIP code, click which kinds of traffic the submission is related to and write a comment about you like and what you don’t like. Your submission can be also drawn into the map as a point, line, or an area. For the sustainable mobility plan, submissions regarding entire streets, areas, or even the entire system are important. Due to the complexity of the entire document, it is beyond its competence to recommend the postponement of a particular bus by 5 minutes or to create a crosswalk.

I want to tune up Prague!

The European conference on the Sustainable Mobility Plan was held at the beginning of April

13. May 2016

On April 12 and 13, 2016, a third conference in a row was held in Bremen, Germany devoted to sustainable mobility plans. Delegates from around the entire world took part, albeit most of them were from Europe, while Czech delegates were naturally there as well! The major topic was the planning of an effective city, while parallel presentations from various lecturers were along the same lines. The presentations were focused on examples of European cities, as well as on trends in the area of mobility, which would be relevant to use for mobility planning, for example so-called shared mobility (bike sharing, car sharing, carpooling, etc.), electromobility, or the optimization of city logistics. One of the presentations was focused on the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Bremen, which is a fine example for this document. It is of course possible to find the presentation on the internet in English. Major presentations and discussions were moderated by Siegfried Rupprecht, whose name is connected to the creation of the essential mobility plan – Methods for Creation and Use of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Part of the conference also included specialized excursions into logistic premises, trips on bicycles, and travel by an electric bus. We believe that even Prague will present its successes with its own Sustainable Mobility Plan for the city and suburbs at similar conferences during the coming years.

presentation from conference

Initial meeting with partners

11. May 2016

On May 5, 2016 an initial meeting with partners was held. The meeting in the Municipal Library of Prague commenced with an introductory speech by the Deputy Mayor of Prague, Mr. Petr Dolínek. Subsequently, all the participants were advised via a presentation about the document objective, time frame, developing process, organizational structure, and most of all the manner of participation when they were askedfor cooperation during the further procedures/processes.

Representatives of the working group were then prepared to respond to related questions. With those who showed interest, we’re prepared to work together within workshops and listen to their hints and opinions. A total of 23 municipal areas of Prague were represented at the meeting, 7 municipalities with extended competenceof the Středočeský region, 20 professional subjects (e.g. the Railway Infrastructure Administration, the Road and Motorway Directorate, the Czech Technical University in Prague, and the Ministry of Transportation of the Czech Republic) and 10 associations(e.g. Prague organization of wheelchair users, the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, and the Central auto-moto-club of the Czech Republic). Altogether over 110 potential partners were invited, but not everyone turned up.