Sustainable mobility means a change of view on transportation and requires the need to look at the possibilities of how the respective kinds of traffic can work effectively together. A consensus can be achieved only through mutual dialogue in the framework of participation, and not just between experts for the respective kinds of transportation, but also with the public. Transportation should help people and not limit them.

Workshops, panel discussions and meetings with the public are arranged by us to collect as much information and submissions in all the phases of plan preparation as we can, so we will be able to assess their importance and turn our attention to the areas of utmost importance. We will see the importance of participation when seeking consensus about the future development of transportation in Prague and its suburbs, as well as during discussions about particular measures proposals.

Different levels of participation of professionals or the wider public provide various possibilities on how to take part in the preparation for the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs.

Workshops with Partners

We expect to carry out a survey about the problems and opportunities of Prague mobility from subjects active in the area of transportation and bring and advocate their own proposals, and participate on debates at a round table, as well as work with the materials prepared by the Working Group. Typically these are specialized institutions, infrastructure administrators, couriers, the municipal areas of Prague, municipalities around Prague, academic or interest associations. Together they form a group of Partners for the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs.

The participation of Partners is seen in the form of workshops for the three stages of the plan: analyses, scenarios and proposal. Partners use the basic documents and information provided by the Working Group at every step to decide together on the priorities, the most appropriate variant, as well as on the respective measures. The wide range of expertize and practical experience of the Partners is a guarantee of balance and responsible decision-making about the important milestones of the project for the preparation of the plan. Consensus achieved by the Partners is an important factor for the Working Group, as well as for the Managing Council for the purpose of the entire plan development.

Besides the participation at mutual workshops, all the Partners have the possibility to put forward particular proposals, which will be then assessed and developed together with the proposals of the development team.


Public participation

Citizens and visitors to Prague can participate through an application, where they can easily post their personal transportation needs, or clarify their problems, related to the transport to their destination. Thanks to this, the development team will come to better understand what “does not harmonize” and where the effort needs to be focused/ increased to correct the problem.

During the next phase of the plan they can monitor how the submissions are being implemented into scenarios, which will provide various possibilities of the direction of Prague in the area of mobility and also the related advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, it will be possible to take part in a social scientific survey, which will study the opinion range among users in the mentioned scenarios.

The preliminary results of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs will be presented live in the form of panel discussions, with the team of developers and external experts, exhibitions in a public area, and presentation events. Actual information about the progress of the harmonization of Prague can be found for example by watching our news.


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