Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs

This Sustainable Mobility Plan (known in the rest of the world in English as a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) is a strategic document – a plan in the area of traffic. It solves the traffic problem as a whole, not separating the respective kinds of traffic from each other. Conversely, it also tries to take advantage of the strength of each one. It places emphasis on the mutual interconnection. Even the public is included into the preparation process of the Sustainable Mobility Plan, as planning the future of the city and its suburbs has to be always derived according to the needs of the inhabitants.

The direct impact of the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan will in particular:

  • Improve accessibility
  • Create improved efficiency of passenger and goods transportation, and a reduction of the energy burden
  • Reduce of environmental pollution
  • Create attractive public areas of a higher quality
  • Increase traffic safety


The Sustainable Mobility Plan should lead to the improvement in the quality of life in the city environment of Prague and also reach the affected area in the Středočeský region – the so-called metropolitan area. The mobility plan is also one of the important conditions for the possibility of drawing funds from the European Union – from Operational Program Traffic (OPD) and Integrated Regional Operational Program (IROP) for requests submitted after January 1, 2018.


What is the objective of the project?

The objective of the Sustainable Mobility Plan is to secure the mobility of inhabitants in such a way that the future transport of people across the city won’t be excessively limited, and be led by the needs of people who live in the city and its suburbs, while simultaneously improving the quality of our life in the city (e.g. lower noise and lower emissions of exhaust fumes, etc.).

Why is Prague creating the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs?

Prague, in a wide ranging cooperation with the Středočeský region, wants to design the strategic traffic planning in such a way that it will be created on the basis of the needs of the inhabitants and companies, while not causing a huge burden on the environment and at the same time providing long-term quality growth and a happy life in the capital city and the Středočeský region.

What is the status and competence of the Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs?

The Sustainable Mobility Plan is being developed for Prague and for the so-called metropolitan area – part of the Středočeský region around the capital city. Its objective is a conceptual and strategic solution of the traffic system in the medium term, in accordance with the principles of sustainable mobility, derived from the European documents of the Urban Mobility Action Plan (2009) and the White Book: Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a Competitive and Resource-Efficient Transport System (2011).

The mobility plan will be developing the Strategic Plan for Prague in the area of traffic and will meet the parametres of the Sustainable Mobility Plan (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan – SUMP). After its approval in the Council and Assembly of Prague it will become the major conceptual document in the area of traffic for the capital city, also including the Středočeský region, superseding the current principles of the traffic policy (approved by the resolution No. 13/21) of the Municipal Assembly of Prague from January 11, 1996.